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We love our new home! We thought about buying an existing home but didn’t like what we saw for the cost when there was always something to update. Building a modular home through Homes Reflecting You by Sheri was the best decision we made. When we saw our son’s home go up in a day, we couldn’t believe it. Then when we saw it, we were sold.
With Tara’s help and expertise we were able to design our home to our tastes, needs and likings within our budget. They work with the same group of highly skilled professionals, ensuring great results. You don’t have to do the running around or supervising the job, they do. It has been over six months now living in our new "home," and it felt that way from the day we moved in.
Paul & Carey
Thinking of buying a new home, but don’t want the hassle? I suggest you do as my husband and I did, buy from Homes Reflecting You by Sheri. She handles all the hassles. You get a quality home with professional construction. You get a pleasant experience, but no headaches. Thanks Sheri!
~ Earle Jean & Bob
Dear Sheri and Tara,
After living in our new home for almost a year, we felt that we needed to tell you how happy we are with it. It has met all of our expectations.
Working with Tara for the better part of a year was a joy. We were constantly refining our design and, as she was making the changes, she was offering insight into how this affected our whole house plan. If she did not know whether what we wanted was possible, she found out. Together, we designed a house that we quickly adopted as a "home" after we moved in. We wanted a custom home and we got it.
The many contractors who worked on our home were equally competent and did quality work. They answered our questions with a smile and made the changes where needed. Sheri, your many years in business show in the level of quality expectations you have required from not only your contractors, but also from PBS Inc.
We have and will continue to recommend Homes Reflecting You by Sheri to anybody who is looking to build a new home. We can testify that "custom modular" housing is what you do. All we can say is thank you, thank you, thank you.
Bev & John
Thank you so much to you and your crew for doing such a wonderful job on our new home. We appreciate your hard work, attention to every detail and patience. You made our home buying experience a true joy and a memory we will cherish always.
Thanks again,
Bruce & Debbie
After three years of research, stick built vs. modular for our project, we decided, for our area and project, modular would be the best choice for us. After visiting several modular home projects and businesses, we settled on Homes Reflecting You by Sheri.
From the moment we walked into their office with a magazine picture of our dream home, Tara researched dimensions, etc., and said, “We can build that!" From ground breaking to getting our certificate of occupancy, Tara and Sheri were available, answering questions, addressing concerns, all in a very responsive manner. Their team is amazing and works seamlessly together, giving the customer an amazing feeling of security.
We love our custom modular home!
~ Bill & Alise
Thank you so much for all of your help during the difficult days with my mom after the fire. Without your help and guidance, she would not be in her house today.
Even though there were tough times, we still managed to get them a house that she now calls "home." Many people have said to me, “Your mom's home is beautiful.”
I believe they have been truly blessed, and we couldn't have done this without you. I really appreciate everything that you have done for my mom and want to say thank you!
Wishing you the best this year and always,